Lodestar Montessori Schools

Building the inner guide


Lodestar Montessori schools cultivate a friendly attitude towards mistakes, instil passion in learning and encourage service to the community. Montessori believed all children have an inner guide that directs their optimal development and self-construction given the right environment and support. At Lodestar Montessori schools, we respect the child’s inner guide, nurturing and supporting it, and helping it towards self-regulation. We invite you to visit us to discuss how we can work together to develop your child’s potential and bring out your child’s best.

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Our Mission

To inspire a passion for life, a love for learning and a desire for service through a safe, loving and mistake-friendly environment based on the principles and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Our Vision

A world where people can live together peacefully, respect one another and are good stewards of the environment; all this through our children who become the future keepers of our world.

Lodestar Montessori Schools

Lodestar Montessori schools offer some of our children a seamless transition from preschool to elementary, with the opportunity to experience Montessori education in the early years and in childhood.

Current research supports Dr. Maria Montessori’s belief that the critical years of childhood from 0-12 years are the most important in the formation of the human being. What better gift to give your child than the gift of a Montessori education that will set your child up for life and instil in your child a love for learning and a clear understanding of the world around.

Panoramic view of Lodestar Montessori Preschool, part of Lodestar Montessori Schools

Lodestar Montessori Preschool (LMP)

Weekdays (08.30 – 15.30), 23 Jalan Teliti, Singapore 537319

Our Montessori preschool is registered with ECDA (Early Childhood Development Agency) and is situated in a stand-alone house with a beautiful outdoor garden in a quiet neighbourhood. It caters to children from ages 3-6 years old.

Front interior of Lodestar Montessori School

Lodestar Montessori School (LMS)

Weekdays (08.30 – 16.00), 24 Jalan Selaseh, Singapore 808444

Our Montessori elementary school is registered with CPE (Committee for Private Education) and is situated in a spacious shophouse that overlooks a well-equipped park. It caters to children from ages 6-12 years old.

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Why Montessori?

The Montessori approach to education is practised worldwide; sometimes in its true form, and sometimes, in a blended form mixed with other educational methods. No matter what, one cannot deny the influence of Montessori in the field of education, especially in early childhood education.

Montessori has always said that “Education is an aid to life”, and today, Montessori’s philosophy is used in all stages of life, even for the elderly with dementia.

It is ironic that Montessori was not an educator to begin with but a medical doctor and a scientist. This turned out to her advantage as she was a keen observer and had no preconceived notions of how children should behave or  what they were capable of. Instead, she based her approach entirely on her acute observations of the children. Through these observations of children in their different phases of life, she developed an educational philosophy that continues to meet the developmental needs of the universal child at every phase of its life:

  • 0-3 years (Infancy & Toddler – Nido & Pre-Primary),
  • 3-6 years (Early childhood – Primary),
  • 6-12 years (Childhood – Elementary)
  • 12-18 years (Adolescence – Erdkinder)

Her method incorporates the child’s developmental needs and the tendencies found in every human being, and as such, is a method that naturally aids life in its development. We invite you to gift your child a Montessori education especially in the early years where the formation of the brain and personality are still ongoing, hence making it paramount that your child receives the best possible aid in those formative years.