2019 Kavya Karthik

A picture of Kavya taken in Hyderabad 

“Montessori” was a new term for us when we were looking for schooling options for my 3 year old girl then. We  stumbled upon Eager Kids Montessori on Google. When we visited the school, we instantly liked the environment and the way that Ms Anjum patiently explained the concept. The first thing that made us love the school was that our child never refused to go to school nor cried when we left her at the bus stop. We slowly began to see changes in Kavya. She could speak more politely, was more organised, could think maturely and her anger reduced to a great extent. Academically, she was also good- although we did not expect much of academics from a preschooler!

When we heard about Montessori in the elementary years, we were happy to send Kavya to Lodestar. Kavya joined Lodestar Montessori Preschool when she was in K2, and subsequently, Lodestar Montessori School when she was in Elementary 1. The Lodestar guides there shaped Kavya to what she is today. We are, at times, amazed by her organising skills, her love for animals, her interest in cooking and various other activities besides academics. I, as a parent, have learnt a lot from the way my child is growing. Montessori has, in fact, helped me understand my child better!

We, like other parents, were concerned about how Kavya would cope if we were to leave Singapore and she would have to go to other schools in India. When our family relocated back to India in 2019, we found a Montessori elementary school in Hyderabad for Kavya. Other than the initial  language hiccups, she was able to adjust well to her new environment. She quickly made new friends and slowly got used to the Indian Montessori style. She was able to adapt well with the new guides there. She finds Mathematics easier and pays more attention to Hindi, Telugu, Science and cursive writing now. Overall, I would say that Montessori has helped her holistically.

P. S: We still miss Lodestar for the unadulterated Montessori teaching and the guides who were more than just guides for her 😊

Karthik and Ramya (Parents of Kavya)

Note: Kavya’s family relocated to India when she was in Elementary 2.