2019 Tanmay Khadanga

Tanmay in the school uniform of his new school in India

It took six months, but I can say now that Tanmay has adjusted very well in the Indian setting. He has made new friends in the neighbourhood and enjoys playing with them. He is going to an international school. I was keen to put him in a Montessori school; however, it is too far from our place. Out of the various options available, we decided to put him in the Cambridge curriculum. The Cambridge curriculum is quite hands-on, and they do a lot of activities and experiments to support the topics covered in class. Tanmay initially complained about regular homework and loads of writing work that he was supposed to do, however with time, he got adjusted to the new expectations. He has become quite responsible now.

The strong foundation of Montessori education can be seen in how he willingly adheres to the classroom rules and remembers to finish his homework without any lapse. He recently finished his Term 1 assessment.  He has fared very well. His teachers have commended him for his proficiency in solving Mathematical problems. Thanks to the strong foundation that he received under the guidance of the guides in both the Lodestar Montessori Preschool and Elementary School. Remarks by Tanmay’s teacher in his Term 1 Progress Report:

“Tanmay is a caring and well-mannered child who actively participates in all classroom activities. He is an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy school and follows the classroom essentials. Tanmay has good understanding of the concepts taught in class. Having strong analytical skills, he enjoys solving Mathematical problems. He also has a strong command of the English language. He takes keen interest in sports-related activities and talks passionately about cricket. His hard work is evident through his Summative Assessment scores. However, he needs to work on his handwriting.”

After moving to India, the thought that struck me time and again was, would Tanmay be able to adapt well to traditional school after spending years at Lodestar Montessori Preschool and Elementary School? The answer has turned out to be an emphatic “yes”. He adjusted beautifully. In fact, he made an immediate, favourable impression upon his new teachers. Not only were his academics outstanding, but he also adjusted well with his new classmates. Given the two Parent-Teacher Conferences I attended with his new teachers, it became clear that Lodestar Montessori had prepared him in many ways to be adaptable in the face of change, and to greet those changes as opportunities. He has learned how to adapt in new situations, making friends easily and figuring out how to solve problems (both academic and social) as they arise. ​

Special thanks to the guides for the language-rich environment that they provided to the Lodestar children. The positive results of the same can be seen in Tanmay’s reading and writing abilities. I’d also like to thank the Chinese and Music guides. Tanmay was recently appreciated by his Piano teacher for his ability to play the said notes using the correct technique. They were really impressed with his accuracy in imitating the given rhythm. Thanks to the Music guide for being so patient with him.​

Thanks to all the guides for being there for our son in building a strong foundation in his life. I am very grateful for patience, love and understanding that all of you have given him. You all will always be remembered and in our hearts. Wishing you all the best! I hope we get to meet again.

Debashish and Swati (Parents of Tanmay)

Note: Tanmay’s family relocated back to India when Tanmay was midway through Elementary 1.