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Montessori Guide (6-12)

Sheila Ong has been a passionate Montessorian ever since she stumbled on the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) website 12 years ago. She did both her AMI 3-6 and AMI 6-12 training at Navadisha Montessori Institute in Chennai, India and attributes her training for fuelling the passion for Montessori within her. She counts herself blessed to be doing what she enjoys.

Prior to discovering the Montessori philosophy and pedagogy, Sheila worked in the Finance sector, having graduated from Aberystwyth University in Wales, U.K. with a BSc (Hons) Accounting & Economics degree. Sheila has more than 10 years of experience working with children in a Montessori environment.

Hindi Guide (6-12)

श्वेता पोतदर ने स्नातकोत्तर की उपाधिपंडित रविशंकर शुक्लविश्वविद्यालय से वर्ष २००५ में प्राप्त की।शिक्षा के क्षेत्र ने उन्हें काफ़ी प्रभावित किया और उन्होंने स्थानीय और अंतर्राष्ट्रीय विद्यालयों के साथ ५ वर्षों से भी ज़्यादा कार्य किया।श्वेता का जन्म मध्य भारत में हुआ और उनकी स्थानीय भाषा हिंदी है। उनका उत्साह बच्चों की  योग्यता को ध्यान में रखते हुए उन्हें एक सही दिशा दिखाते हुए शिक्षित करना है।श्वेता का विश्वास है की हर एक बच्चा गुणों से भरपूर होता है हर एक में अदभुत योग्यता होती है | मोंटेसरी एक ऐसा दर्शन शास्त्र है जो बच्चों के पूर्ण विकास पे केंद्रित है और  उनको शारीरिक, सामाजिक, भावनात्मक और ज्ञान सम्बंधी  में शिक्षित करता है। यह बच्चों को बहुत ही सोच समझकर तैयार किए हुए माहौल से शिक्षित होने की आज़ादी प्रदान करता है।

Shweta Potdar graduated with Masters in Business Administration from Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University, Chhattisgarh, India in 2005. She was drawn to the field of education and started working with local and international schools for more than 5 years. Shweta originates from the central part of India and her native language is Hindi. Her passion is to work with children and nurture their potential. She believes that every child is unique and has the ability to learn. She is attracted to the Montessori philosophy as it is a child-centred educational approach and attempts to develop children physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. It gives freedom to a child in a thoughtfully prepared learning environment.

Chinese Guide (6-12)


Zhai Wei Wei is a passionate educator with 8 years of experience teaching Chinese in a Montessori environment. She has a fervent passion for teaching and loves being with children. Wei Wei is a strong believer of the Montessori method with its focus on empowering children to develop their self-motivation and enthusiasm in learning. Wei Wei holds a Diploma in Primary School Education from Chuzhou Teacher‘s College, as well as a Diploma in Pre-School Education-Teaching (Chinese) from RTRC ASIA. Prior to her discovery of Montessori, Wei Wei taught Chinese at kindergartens, student-care centres and primary schools for 24 years. Wei Wei brings with her a wealth of experience and a fiery passion for teaching Chinese to Lodestar Montessori School. She uses her love, patience, responsibility and her rich Chinese teaching experience to stimulate the children’s enthusiasm for learning Chinese, so that the children can learn Chinese confidently and happily.

Physical Education Guide (6-12)

Shawn Choo has been a Basketball Coach for more than 10 years. He started playing when he was 10 years old and was in the national youth team in 1994. Upon graduation from NTU with a BE in Electrical and Electronics, he went on to work in the embedded software industry for a year before starting his own technology company. He maintained an active role in the sports scene with his position as Assistant Coach of Basketball Association of Singapore for U15 national youth team as well as coaching freelance for local and international schools.

In line with his love and passion for sports, Shawn started Ennoble Team Sports Management to fully support his dream to inspire people from all walks of life to come together to enjoy and evolve through team sports. Now, a father to four children, he sees the importance of team sports in building character starting from the development years right through adulthood. He believes Lodestar Montessori School provides an environment for independent learning which is the foundation for character development.

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