Admission Process


Program Age Requirements
ME1 Turns 7 years old in ME1* Entry assessment
ME2 Turns 8 years old in ME2* Minimum attendance 75% in ME1 and/or Entry Assessment
ME3 Turns 9 years old in ME3* Minimum attendance 75% in ME2
ME4 Turns 10 years old in ME4* Minimum attendance 75% in ME3
ME5 Turns 11 years old in ME5* Minimum attendance 75% in ME4
ME6 Turns 12 years old in ME6* Minimum attendance 75% in ME5

*Please note that only students holding Dependent Pass or Singapore PR are eligible to apply for admission.

The Compulsory Education Act (Cap 51) was passed by Parliament on 9th October 2000 and assented to by the President on 16th October 2000. It provides for compulsory primary education in Singapore and related matters.

“According to the Compulsory Education Act, a child of ‘compulsory school age’ is one who is above the age of 6 years and who has not yet attained the age of 15 years. A child of compulsory school age born after 1st January 1996, and who is citizen of Singapore residing in Singapore, has to attend a national primary school as a pupil regularly, unless he/she has been exempted from compulsory education, e.g. a child with special needs, a child attending a designated school or a child receiving home-schooling.”

Please see link: For children who are Singapore citizens

Steps for Admission

Step 1

  • Register your interest through “Book a School Visit“.
  • We will contact you to arrange a school visit with your child.

Step 2

After the school visit and provided the Entry Assessment of the Guide of your child is positive, you would need to:

  • Fill up the LMS Registration Form
  • Sign a student contract with Lodestar Montessori School, and,
  • Submit copies of the following documents:
    • Parents’ and Child’s Passports
    • Child’s Birth Certificate
    • Parents’ and Child’s Dependant Pass/PR/Re-entry permit/Employment Pass
    • Child’s Immunisation Records (if any)
    • Child’s Educational Certificates or Progress Reports (if available)
    • 2 Passport-sized photographs of the Child

Note: Please note that your documents must be translated if they are not in English. You can email us your submissions at or you can courier or snail mail these to us at: Lodestar Montessori School, 24 Jalan Selaseh, Singapore 808444.

Step 3

Pay the Registration fee, First Instalment fee and the Uniform fee upon submission of the LMS Registration Form and signed student contract.