A. Grammar

I. Word Study
1. Suffixes
2. Prefixes
3. Compound Words
4. Word Families

II. Parts of Speech
1. Noun
2. Article
3. Adjective
4. Verb
5. Preposition
6. Adverb
7. Pronoun
8. Conjunction
9. Interjection

III. Logical Analysis
1. Simple Sentences
2. Compound Sentences
3. Complex Sentences
4. Compound/Complex Sentences

IV. Additional Study
1. Further Work with the Noun
a. Singular/Plural
b. Gender
c. Classification
2. Further Work with the Adjective
a. Degree
b. Classification
3. Further Work with the Verb
a. Voice
b. Transitive/Intransitive
c. Tense
d. Mood
e. Conjugation
f. Verbals
4. Further Work with Other Parts of Speech

B. Language Expression

I. History of the Alphabet

II. History of Written Language

III. History of Spoken Language

IV. Written Language
1. Spelling
2. Punctuation
3. Creative Writing
4. Reports & Research
5. Spoken Language
6. Conversation
7. Interpretive Reading
8. Oral Reports
9. Readings
10. Debate
11. Drama
12. Literature

V. Interpretive Reading

VI. Style

VII. Teaching Reading in the Elementary

VIII. Teaching Handwriting in the Elementary

IX. Spelling and Handwriting in the Elementary