I. Nomenclature
1. Physical Geography
a. Land & Water Forms
2. Political Geography
a. Pin Maps & models

II. The Nature of the Elements
1. Nature of the Universe
2. The Three States of Matter
3. Ways of Combining
4. Attraction and Gravity

III. Composition of the Earth
1. Layers
2. Movements of the Earth’s Crust
a. Plate Tectonics
b. Mountain Building
c. Volcanoes
d. Earthquakes
e. Faults

IV. The Sun & the Earth
1. Rotation
a. Day & Night
b. Time Zones
2. Earth is a Sphere
3. Revolution
a. Length of day
b. Solstices & Equinoxes
c. Seasons
d. Temperature Zones

V. Work of Air
1. Basic Concepts
2. World Wind Systems
3. Local Winds
4. Rain
5. Seasonal Rain
6. Ocean Currents
7. Wind Erosion
8. Insulation of the Atmosphere

VI. Work of Water
1. Water flows from highland to lowland
2. Rivers on the earth
3. Erosion by rivers
4. Erosion by ice & waves
5. Cycle of Water on earth

VII. Life on the Land
1. Vegetation on the earth
2. People on the earth

VIII. Interdependencies
1. In nature
2. Among human beings

IX. Economic Geography
1. Study of production & consumption
2. World Trade