A. Pre-History
I. Natural History
2. The Coming of Life
3. Black Strip
4. Clock of Eras

B. History (Human History)
I. Story of Human Beings
1. First Timeline of Human Beings
2. Second Time Line of Human Beings
3. Hand Time Line

II. Study of Cultures
1. Fundamental Needs Charts 1 & 2
2. BC/AD Time Line
3. History Question Charts
4. Three Phases of Human History
a. Hunter/Gatherer
b. Farmer
c. Urban Dweller
5. Movements of Human Beings on Earth
a. Civilisations
b. River Civilisations
c. Asian Civilisations
d. Other Civilisations
e. Contemporary Civilisations
6. Study of the Child’s Own Country

III. Human Conventions for Recording Time
1. Clock
2. Calendar