Montessori Elementary 1 (ME1)

We are pleased to offer Montessori Elementary 1 (ME1) for 7 years of age. The modules will be taught using the Montessori approach, which includes one-to-one, one-to-few and one-to-all presentations. Modules include Geography, History, Biology, Geometry, Math, English. Below are the module details for the same:

Course Module Outline of Module
ME1 Geography

Geography is the field of knowledge that studies the Earth as the home of humans. It includes all categories of scientific study like Chemistry, Physics and Geology plus all the historical processes whereby humans have transformed the earth. This module of Geography work opens the entire spectrum of the work in the sciences of Physics, Chemistry, Geology, and all that has to do with the non-living aspects of the Universe. We branch out from the first Great Lesson into many areas, attempting to sow all the seeds of the sciences.

ME1 History

The history of human beings is the history of a creator and innovator. They have used the freedom of their creative mind to master their environment. The consequence of this is an increasing dependency on other people, rather than directly on nature. The children are told the Great Story of the Coming of Life which introduce the first micro-organisms on our Earth and ending with the coming of man. The children are also introduced to the other topics in the Coming of Life chapter and the Early Human Beings chapter. They will also work with the chapter on Towards a Linear Representation of Time.

ME1 Biology

Exploring Biology, the nature of living things, is essential to Cosmic Education because all living things are cosmic agents. The Biology work as a discipline must reflect the philosophy of Cosmic Education: putting children in touch with all the cosmic agents and their cosmic tasks, the work they do unconsciously for the whole. The children learn about the fundamental needs of plants and animals. They also begin the function work in Biology. The function work of botany focuses on the parts of plants and what jobs they do to help the plant (and each other) satisfy needs.

ME1 Geometry

Geometry’ means ‘measure of the Earth’. The environment and our world is full of geometric shapes. Children are always experiencing Geometry, be it consciously or unconsciously. Geometry is the foundation of much of the work that human beings have done in creating things over and above nature. It reflects human beings’ understanding of nature. The children are introduced to Geometry by way of a story. They are then presented with the different topics in the chapter titled Basic Geometry: Introduction and nomenclature for plane figures and solid figures. They are also introduced to the chapter, Fundamental concepts, like the concept of a point, line, surface and solid.

ME1 Mathematics

Mathematics is part of the world and the universe. It is the basis of the functioning of the universe. Its language is the only one that scientists have found that can accurately describe the phenomena they are studying. Mathematics is also a part of human reality, of building, transport, cooking, clothing, and art. As with all areas of study, the children are introduced to it by way of the Great Story of Numbers. They are then introduced to the Decimal system and the chapter on Long Multiplication, which explore the behaviour of numbers in the Decimal system. They are also introduced to the Laws of Multiplication.

ME1 English

Language provides the cognitive fluidity necessary for knowledge of different domains to be connected. Language has structure and order, yet also mystery. It has a seemingly infinite capability. It can inspire and enthuse; it can also degrade and demean. Our task as adults is to help children develop both their facility with this great tool and a sense of responsibility towards its use. The children are told the Great Story of Communications in Signs. They then explore the history of spoken and written language. They learn of the origin of the English language, and can branch to discover the origin of Mandarin or Malay or Tamil or Hindi.