Montessori Elementary 4 (ME4)

We are pleased to offer Montessori Elementary 4 (ME4) for 10 years of age. The modules will be taught using the Montessori approach, which includes one-to-one, one-to-few and one-to-all presentations. Modules include Geography, History, Biology, Geometry, Math, English. Below are the module details for the same:

Course Module Outline of Module
ME4 Geography The children are introduced to the Sun and Earth, a key chapter in Geography. The Sun and Earth are introduced together because they are so interrelated; without the Sun, the Earth cannot exist. They are introduced to the concept of energy and that the Sun is a source of light and heat energy. The children are also introduced to electrical energy and circuits.
ME4 History The children learn about the history of Singapore.
ME4 Biology The children look at the variations of these body parts and how that relates to adaptation to different environments. Body systems are also examined from this point of view: how does each system serve the whole? The children are also introduced to classification in the Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms.
ME4 Geometry The children are introduced to the concept of Equivalence. The ability to see that different shapes are the same size, and cover the same area, is a basic concept. The manipulative work with equivalence is the basis for all the reasoning work that the children do to create formula for area and volume of shapes.
ME4 Mathematics The children are introduced to Squaring and Cubing, 2 important concepts. They then learn about square root and cube root.
ME4 English The children look at the various topics in the chapter of Detailed study of the Verb. They also fine-tune their Basic Language skills like interpretive reading. They work with the Movable Alphabet to learn more about vowels and consonants and the silent e.