Our Daily Timetable

Timing Modules Location Guide
08.30-11.30 Mathematics, Geometry, English Classroom 2 Sheila Ong
08.30-11.30 Chinese Classroom 1 Zhai Wei Wei
08.30-11.30 Hindi Classroom 1 Alka Rani
11.30-12.30 Free play (Tues, Thurs, Fri) Park opposite school Sheila Ong, Alka Rani and Zhai Wei Wei
11.30-12.30 Sports training (Mon, Wed) Park opposite school Shawn Choo
12.30-13.30 Lunch Classroom 1 Sheila Ong, Alka Rani and Zhai Wei Wei
13.30-16.30 Geography, History, Biology Classroom 1 Sheila Ong
13.30-16.30 Chinese Classroom 2 Zhai Wei Wei
13.30-16.30 Hindi Classroom 2 Alka Rani
13.30-16.30 Piano (Thurs) Classroom 2 Michelle Teoh