Pathways after LMS

Undoubtedly, one burning question that enters a parent’s mind is that six years in a Montessori Elementary school is exemplary from a child’s emotional, social and academic point of view, but what happens next? Which school can a child go to? A child who spends 6 years in a Montessori Elementary school is many times better prepared to face any challenge that the child will encounter in life or at any other school due to his/her emotional and social development. Academically Montessori education is on par and/or excels for the same age group in traditional/alternate schools. Thus, a child who steps out of Lodestar Montessori School can easily cope and do well in the next step of his/her educational journey. Do click here to read some of our alumni stories.

We also spoke to a few International Schools in Singapore to understand their requirements for children entering their Secondary programme. They assured us in writing that our children would be eligible to enter their Secondary programme in the same way any other child could – based on evaluation through an entrance test. We have evaluated that the topics covered in our Cosmic Education covers (and even exceeds) the range of topics covered in other Elementary programmes.