Testimonials for Lodestar Montessori Preschool (LMP)

Although S’s time at Lodestar Montessori was relatively brief, it has had a profound impact on her development. She joined the N2 class for just one semester, but the positive changes we observed in her were remarkable.

S made connections to other students while dropping off and picking up her older sister before she even started, and this warm welcome from the guides and classmates undoubtedly helped make her start an easier one. The fact that the environments are bridge classes with 3-6 year olds allowed her to observe older children and learn from them. She loved the special occasion cooking activities, taking care of the classroom pet, Evie, and was fascinated by the engaging activities like the marble run. The environment at Montessori encouraged her bravery and curiosity in trying new things. S is innately an independent child, and the Lodestar guides nurtured her intrinsic motivation, neatness and order, learning and enforcing expectations, and social development.

One of the most rewarding aspects of S’s time at Montessori was her language development. From speaking in phrases at home to full sentences, S’s language and thought processes blossomed rapidly. Despite our home language being English and Cantonese, she spontaneously started identifying objects in Mandarin. This unexpected language growth was a testament to the school’s multicultural and immersive learning atmosphere. She has also started, of her own volition, to identify numbers and become interested in addition and subtraction.

We are immensely grateful to Lodestar Montessori for the love, care, and education they provided to our children. Even in just a short time, S’s experiences here have set a strong foundation for her future education, and we are so happy with the school’s impact on our family.


J & L

Parents of E and S, LMP graduate, 2023

The Montessori approach that Lodestar follows has been truly transformative for our boy. We’ve witnessed remarkable progress in our son’s social and emotional skills since he joined Lodestar. He surprises us every day with his growing independence, confidence and sense of responsibility, we attribute this to the nurturing, inspiring and supportive environment provided by the school.

We are very grateful for his guides. I appreciate the casual chats with the guides at pickups, voluntary informal updates on my boy’s progress, also Parent-Guide Conferences, and progress reports that kept us well-informed about our son’s development and growth.

The school has fostered a community of love and respect, creating an environment where children feel comfortable being themselves and safe to express themselves freely. Besides, the classrooms are also filled with carefully curated materials that invite children to engage in meaningful learning experiences.

To my boy, Lodestar is more than just a school; it’s a second home where he feels comfortable and very loved.

Thank you for making him feel heard, and respected. We’re incredibly grateful for the positive impact Lodestar has had on our son’s preschool years.

Thank you!

Ben & Kylie

Parents of Isaac, LMP graduate, 2023

My husband and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the staff for the guidance, care and love shown to Mikaela.

She is growing and maturing so well. We see improvement in her emotional self-regulation, practical life skills as well as language capabilities. Sometimes when she gets angry/upset, she is able to go to her room, close the door and cool down on her own.

Last night, she peeled a mandarin orange for us (with some assistance) and this morning she kept the blocks (on her own accord) that her little brother had played with. In her spare time, she practices writing the alphabet, reads aloud on her own and sings both English and Chinese songs. She will even try to respond in Chinese when I speak to her in that language!

She loves school so much that she tries to take care of herself by getting enough rest every day. If she had a busy and active day in school, she will tell us that she needs to nap. Recently she has also started to tell us when she wants to go to bed. This is a stark contrast from the past when she would resist sleep and throw a tantrum whenever it is naptime or bedtime.

There is definitely much more joy and ease looking after her now. It also brings us immense joy (and relief) to see her enjoying learning and developing her personhood.

Thank you for the heartwork!

Kelvin & Yvonne

Parents of Mikaela, Current LMP student, 2023

E embarked on her Montessori journey in 2020 when she joined the N1 class. The guides presented to her the world of Sensorial materials and Practical Life activities, where she honed her fine motor skills, independence, sustained focus, intrinsic motivation, and a deep sense of order. These early experiences laid the foundation for her educational voyage.

E was able to have a wide variety of experiences inside and outside the environment. She learned the art of braiding, fed the class pet turtles and fish, and she loved school excursions. Her exploration extended to the realm of literacy and numeracy, where her growth was truly remarkable. E now decodes the majority of the words she encounters in her daily life, a testament to her strong literacy foundation. Moreover, E doesn’t merely exhibit proficiency in the four main mathematical operations; she comprehends the underlying mathematical concepts of putting together, taking away, repeated addition, and separating into groups.

Not only did E learn academic and practical skills, she also gained experience navigating social skills with friendships in the environment. She has made precious connections with classmates whom she continues to talk about!

As she progressed through the Montessori curriculum, E thoroughly enjoyed the Transition to Primary 1 (TP1) program that was aimed at preparing the graduands for the upcoming school year in a non-Montessori setting. Throughout that week, she continued to grow in her independence in getting ready for school. The culminating End of Year Celebration (which was also her first and last in-person performance experience due to COVID) was a very proud moment for her as she had worked so hard to practice her songs and dances at home.

We are profoundly grateful to the dedicated educators at Lodestar Montessori for nurturing E’s curiosity, social skills, and love for learning. This preschool has been the perfect foundation for her future success.

J & L

Parents of E and S, LMP graduate, 2023

My son has been in Lodestar for 2 years and I’ve witnessed him grow academically and socially. He has been able to forge his own pace in Math and English in the Montessori school, not by memorising, but by systematically working through the Montessori materials under the structured and patient guidance of his guide, Ms Kelly. When he first came to Lodestar, he spoke very little Mandarin, having returned from overseas, but thanks to his gentle and loving Li Lao Shi, he can now comprehend, read and write fluently. More importantly, because of the small group and interactive teaching style, he would choose to learn Mandarin rather than fear it. The guides were also excellent observers of my son, providing accurate feedback and sharing how they took steps to make him feel safe, listened to, develop coping strategies and, as a result, he flourished.

To any parent who might worry if Montessori is not academic enough for K1 and K2, I would like to assure you that because of the concrete learning materials, and the freedom to progress, children learn much more (and remember more deeply) than they would elsewhere.

My son is now in Primary One and while that presents new challenges, being in a primary school setting where learning is more teacher-led is comparatively easier than directing one’s own learning, which he had ample opportunity to do in Lodestar.

Andrew & Jasmine

Parents of Dylan, LMP graduate, 2019

Our daughter spent six years across Lodestar preschool and the elementary school-LMS. The school helped ignite the passion for learning and discovery in her. The focus on character development has helped her grow as an independent individual- confident enough to try out new things and chart her own learning. Stories are an integral part of the Montessori method and she loves reading and writing. Stories about the formation of the universe, mankind, languages, numbers- all help generate interest and curiosity. The materials used in the classrooms helped her to understand the concepts well – thus building a solid base for further learning.

The teachers- Ms Christine, Ms Sheila, Lao Shi, Ms Shweta are loving and nurturing- providing guidance while following the ethos of observation and letting the child lead.

We would highly recommend Lodestar for parents wishing to have their children grow up as independent, confident individuals with a thirst for self-directed life-long learning coupled with the key characteristics of empathy and respect.

Nikhil & Alaka

Parents of Aaradhya, LMP graduate, 2019

My daughter started with Lodestar Montessori at age 5. She is now doing her P3 in the elementary school.

She is very happy with the environment. We are happy too seeing her evolution in all the directions. All the guides are amazing.

If you are looking for an authentic Montessori school, Lodestar is the best Montessori school in Singapore in all formats.

We are happy that we have chosen the right format and right school for our child. Thanks to the Lodestar team.

Ravi & Sowmya

Parents of Varnika, LMP graduate, 2019

What differentiates Lodestar is a team of passionate, sincere and hardworking guides. The Lodestar team not only educates children but also parents. They conduct free workshops for parents which help them understand Montessori concepts and show them how to help their child develop himself to his true potential.

It astonishes us the way Montessori teaches academics. As a mother, I wish I could be as patient and as sensitive a caretaker of my children as the Lodestar guides. Looking back at Lodestar; putting Mihir in this environment was not just a unique educational experience for him, but also, for us as parents. We feel the credit goes to the solid foundation he received from a Montessori education and we owe a ton of gratitude to the wonderful guides at Lodestar Montessori.

Deepak & Ritu

Parents of Mihir, LMP graduate, 2018

After moving to India, the thought that struck me time and again was, would Tanmay be able to adapt well to traditional school after spending years at Lodestar Montessori Preschool and Elementary School?

The answer has turned out to be an emphatic “yes”. He adjusted beautifully. In fact, he made an immediate, favourable impression upon his new teachers. Not only were his academics outstanding, but he also adjusted well with his new classmates. Given the two Parent-Teacher Conferences I attended with his new teachers, it became clear that Lodestar Montessori had prepared him in many ways to be adaptable in the face of change, and to greet those changes as opportunities.

He has learned how to adapt in new situations, making friends easily and figuring out how to solve problems (both academic and social) as they arise.

​Thanks to all the guides for being there for our son in building a strong foundation in his life.

Debashish & Swati

Parents of Tanmay, LMP graduate, 2018

My youngest daughter Jade graduated from Lodestar last year. I always wanted a Montessori preschool education for her as I wanted to see the difference between her and her 2 older sisters who went to other preschools. True enough, I feel she is more independent, calm and happy.

Lodestar’s teachers are all kind and patient and truly care for the children. Thank you to all the Teachers! ❤️

Shawn & Yan

Parents of Jade, LMP graduate, 2019

For his first year in New Zealand, Vishesh went to a mainstream Primary school in Auckland. There were a lot of changes around him such as living in a new country, arrival of his baby brother and having to attend a mainstream school. The strong foundation and strength in character built in him through his Montessori education helped him cope with these changes seamlessly. His primary school teachers appreciated his thirst for knowledge, and his love for learning without the expectation and anticipation of rewards. He was also appreciated for displaying kindness towards his peers and for showing resilience.

Later towards the end of 2018, Vishesh moved to Hamilton, New Zealand with his family. He now attends an Elementary Montessori School. He quickly adapted back into the Montessori system. The head teacher of the school even commented, “It feels like Vishesh never left Montessori!”

Sivaram & Madhura

Parents of Vishesh, LMP graduate, 2017

“Is your child coping well in a normal school after studying in a Montessori school?”

I have been asked this question several times by parents when we shifted to India for good. My answer has always been a definite and emphatic “yes” to all those concerned parents.

Our journey with Montessori began when our first child was preschool-ready. Teachers’ and parents exert a great impact on a child’s behaviour during their early stages of development. Undoubtedly, Montessori has a great positive influence on a child’s early learning abilities, which in turn, determines how the child grows into a better individual.

When Montessori children have to return to formal schooling, as we had to do due to relocation to India, it is evident that children with Montessori education have an edge over children from non-Montessori background.

We will ever be grateful for the strong foundation that Montessori education gave to our child.

Raghavendra & Deepa

Parents of Samanvita, LMP graduate, 2017

Joshua completed his preschool years at Lodestar Montessori. He currently attends Catholic High Primary and has been described as a student who “works independently towards goals in a determined and disciplined manner” and “does not give up when the task is challenging”.

His preschool days has prepared him well for primary school where he is commended for the quality of his work and for being “attentive during lesson time and strives to do his work well”. He was also noted as being a “confident speaker who makes his feelings and thoughts known and cooperates well with his peers in a group learning setting”, an outcome that is largely influenced by his years with his guides and friends at Lodestar where the social and emotional development of their children are as important and highly valued.

Ben & Sonia

Parents of Joshua, LMP graduate, 2018