Testimonials for Lodestar Montessori School (LMS)

It has been a very joyous and fulfilling journey for Zephyr and us with Lodestar Montessori School for 6 years at elementary and, previously, at the preschool.

Zephyr started out as a preschooler barely speaking, and now as I see the transformation in him- he can articulate his thoughts and even can write out small pieces of drama. Lodestar has fostered creativity in him, in various disciplines, like in Literature, he can develop an idea into a story appropriate for his age. In Math, he can eke out solutions to problems, and in the Sciences, study and observe the natural phenomena around him and correlate them with his study to further strengthen his understanding of nature and the earth around us.

Along with his prowess in Math and languages, more importantly, Lodestar has inculcated soft-skills like discipline, perseverance, thoughtfulness, and respect for all in him.

I am grateful and completely indebted to the guides at Lodestar Montessori for shaping Zephyr into an independent, virtuous and gracious individual. Zephyr’s peers have always mentioned him as a kind and thoughtful individual and friend. I strongly believe that like academic skills, soft-skills like kindness too need to be fostered, developed and nurtured so that it becomes a core part of the individual. Here, I once again appreciate Sheila, and the entire Lodestar team that have moulded and shaped him. Even during conflicts, the kind and mature approach to solving disputes at the school has, I believe, developed Zephyr into the mature boy, that his peers look up to.

I am sure that whatever Zephyr chooses to become, and later, wherever he chooses to study, the foundation given to him by the Lodestar team, will, as rightly named, act as a beacon and guiding star throughout his life.

Thank you once again, Lodestar Team!

Musti & Anjum

Parents of Zephyr, LMS E6 graduate, 2023

Our daughter is very different in terms of the way she learns and processes information.

She looks forward to school and we love the idea that her interests and curiosity are respected and allowed to drive her daily choices. She comes home at the end of the day happy and excited most of the time to share what she has learned.

The school/guides were able to tailor the approach to every child which we like. Parent-Guide conferences helped us to extend her learning experience beyond the prepared Montessori environment.

True Montessori principles and teaching style and not a trend-driven Montessori. The school/guides exceeded our expectations. We wish you continued success!

Cris & Blandynne

Parents of Dany, LMS E3 graduate, 2022 (relocation)

My daughter started with Lodestar Montessori at age 5. She is now doing her P3 in the elementary school.

She is very happy with the environment. We are happy too seeing her evolution in all the directions. All the guides are amazing.

If you are looking for an authentic Montessori school, Lodestar is the best Montessori school in Singapore in all formats.

We are happy that we have chosen the right format and right school for our child. Thanks to the Lodestar team!

Ravi & Sowmya

Parents of Varnika, LMS E3 graduate, 2022 (relocation)

Zephyr has developed a very balanced aptitude towards learning.

He is independent and very much disciplined towards various tasks. He enjoys vocational skills like cooking, cleaning, needle work, etc.

When he goes for interactions in the real world for practical work like shopping for school necessities, he has quietly grown in confidence.

In sports, he participates with joy and has a sense of fair play. Not being afraid of failure is a quality that has been inculcated in him with the Montessori method. This enables him to try out new activities without fear. I believe this is one of the greatest attributes of Montessori education.


Paternal grandfather of Zephyr, LMS E6 graduate, 2023

If an authentic Montessori school is what you are looking for and making education a stress-free and fun learning process with an intrinsic urge for it from your child then BINGO! – you are at the right place.

This school has everything you would need for your child; well-trained and patient guides who believe in the Montessori philosophy to the core, a spacious classroom and lovely materials.

This is also a philosophy we swear by! The best thing is the dedication of the guides. Hats off to them! We owe so much to them for the individual our child is today. They know our child as much as we do. Their only intention as a school is to impart the best to the children considering the child’s interest.

How I wish we too had a school like this!

Vinod & Asha

Parents of Arush, LMS E2 graduate, 2021 (relocation)

We enrolled our son in the middle of his second grade from a mainstream school. It was the best decision we have made in our lives!

We have watched and enjoyed, and eased into nurturing our son, simply by enabling him to thrive in a wonderful environment. His confidence and self esteem had been broken due to racism, bullying and feeling alienated. It has been so rewarding to just watch him come to himself, and explore the world full of possibilities with curiosity.

We have since, within a short span of 6 months, developed a nurturing parent-child relationship too. And we feel this is the foundation we would like to give our child – for him to develop and grow by feeling empowered to learn and contribute in meaningful ways.

We have nothing but gratitude for Lodestar Montessori and its philosophy of education that has enabled healing, growth and learning, for us as parents and our child.

Vatsan & Ranjana

Parents of Adyant, LMS E3 graduate, 2022 (relocation)

Our daughter spent six years across Lodestar preschool and the elementary school-LMS. The school helped ignite the passion for learning and discovery in her. The focus on character development has helped her grow as an independent individual- confident enough to try out new things and chart her own learning. Stories are an integral part of the Montessori method and she loves reading and writing. Stories about the formation of the universe, mankind, languages, numbers- all help generate interest and curiosity. The materials used in the classrooms helped her to understand the concepts well – thus building a solid base for further learning.

The teachers- Ms Christine, Ms Sheila, Lao Shi, Ms Shweta are loving and nurturing- providing guidance while following the ethos of observation and letting the child lead.

We would highly recommend Lodestar for parents wishing to have their children grow up as independent, confident individuals with a thirst for self-directed life-long learning coupled with the key characteristics of empathy and respect.

Nikhil & Alaka

Parents of Aaradhya, LMS E3 graduate, 2022 (relocation)

After moving to India, the thought that struck me time and again was, would Tanmay be able to adapt well to traditional school after spending years at Lodestar Montessori Preschool and Elementary School?

The answer has turned out to be an emphatic “yes”. He adjusted beautifully. In fact, he made an immediate, favourable impression upon his new teachers. Not only were his academics outstanding, but he also adjusted well with his new classmates. Given the two Parent-Teacher Conferences I attended with his new teachers, it became clear that Lodestar Montessori had prepared him in many ways to be adaptable in the face of change, and to greet those changes as opportunities.

He has learned how to adapt in new situations, making friends easily and figuring out how to solve problems (both academic and social) as they arise.

​Thanks to all the guides for being there for our son in building a strong foundation in his life.

Debashish & Swati

Parents of Tanmay, LMS E1 graduate, 2019 (relocation)

When we heard about Montessori in the elementary years, we were happy to send Kavya to Lodestar.

We are, at times, amazed by her organising skills, her love for animals, her interest in cooking and various other activities besides academics. We, as parents, have learnt a lot from the way our child is growing. Montessori has, in fact, helped us understand our child better!

When our family relocated back to India, we found a Montessori elementary school for Kavya. She was able to adapt well with the new guides there. She finds Mathematics easier and pays more attention to Hindi, Telugu, Science and cursive writing now. Overall, I would say that Montessori has helped her holistically.

Karthik & Ramya

Parents of Kavya, LMS E2 graduate, 2019 (relocation)

I had the honour of having 5 wonderful kids from Lodestar Montessori join the holiday class; paired with 3 kids from my studio. This group is truly heavenly to coach. Workshops are always a frenzy of activities and there are often children of varying skill levels and abilities all coming together in a single class. These kids, they are self-regulated, they take their time and their turn and even queue up when they are drying their works. They are so present with the work that I can pass a single container of paint around the class and everyone gets to use it at their own time. I never once hear a “ME FIRST!” or even “I WANT!”

The moment I give out instructions they immediately know to turn around and tune in. They are able to resume activities at their own pace without a FOMO (fear of missing out) mentality. They stay present and take time to reflect on what they want for their art work. They are confident and even took care of the younger kids. I wasn’t the only one with the answers in class. Every single one of them took in my instructions and ran with it, helping each other out and became experts! They own the authority and have such great initiative. I wish for this sort of confidence for all my kids in the studio. So if you believe in such learning environments, you know where to look!

Ang Ee Sock

Owner of Utter Studio, 2020